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Весели празници от Бург Дизайн

Repair and refurbishment of indoor and outdoor signs

repair maintenance and refurbishment of old outdoor and indoor signs in Burgas Sunny Beach Sozopol Primorsko

Renovation of old signs in Burgas


BURG Design repairs, maintenance and refurbishment of old outdoor and indoor signs.

We offer :

replacement of lighting fixtures and other electrical parts ;

changing strip lighting with LED ;

replacement of old and new faces of all types of advertising;

replacement of the vinyl banners and networks; painting advertising structures .

cleaning and washing of advertising media ;

Technical specialists in the field of advertising with the necessary equipment to diagnose faults on neon and electric lighting and advertising Own facilities for production .

In a short time we will refund your advertising.

Guarantee for the service Like all equipment , advertising needs appropriate support.

Otherwise they can become a blunder .